hello, internet traveler

I'm Alexis, a freelance culture journalist surfing the sweet wave of the Covid-19 economy. I carry an aging millenial torch for lo-fi aesthetics, kitsch, video games, cats, and the full technicolor spectrum of science fiction.

for my professional work, here's my portfolio with my most recent writing clips
  • NEWS > The Internet Archive lawsuit's impact on game history for PC Gamer
  • FEATURE > Examining the history behind Dishonored's food for VG24/7
  • FEATURE > The new obsolete game for Engadget
  • FEATURE > How gamers superpowered the internet for Wired
  • REVIEW > Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 for the Indie Game Website
  • FEATURE > Welcome to HoloVista for The Verge
  • FEATURE > A breaking scoop on Hong Kong protest art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for USGamer
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"A vast sargasso sea of absolute garbage"
-- Lester Bangs on new music the internet